by Deerthrone

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Debut full-length album by Deerthrone


released March 15, 2016

All music written and performed by Deerthrone.

Mixed by Deerthrone and Scott Flammer.

Mastered by Scott Flammer.

Recorded at Vacuum Valve Records.

Album artwork by Albert Que.



all rights reserved


Deerthrone San Francisco, California

Grady Penna
Tyler Penna
Albert Que

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Track Name: I (Ache)
Aching for your rusted eyes
And your soft pierced lung

taking back just one word 
While swallowing the concrete.

I've spent a fortune on 
The liquid fallen from your eyes

So build up this tower high 
And let it reach the moon
Track Name: II (Alone)
Paint me black,
Blacker than the 
Ocean's deeps
Absent like a 
Heart in a fiend's chest.
Watch your dreams 
Change into a new enemy,
Cower at the likeness 
Between you and me.

Two gold plates
Wedged between my brain,
And if you say I'm proud 
Then let vanity consume me. 
Two silver rings
Wrapped around my neck
And if you say I'm loathed 
Then let your hate consume you.

I'll stand behind you in the
Shadow of greatness you have 
Shaped and formed from all of the 
Desires to vanquish the light,
And bottomlessness of night
And the heavy handed drinks 
And the hopeless empty thoughts
In the art of being alone. 
Track Name: Bury Me
Describing nothing
with endless words

Arbitrary things
made to seem like truth.

Walking into the wind 
and away from you,

I chose this
aberrant path

What do you deem substantial? 
am I enough to hold on to? 

Bury me in the basement,
beneath the things that we had left 
to destroy themselves
over all the time that we were gone.

Forgetting what it’s like
to have a clear head

Lost in the murk,
wading through time

Let it carry you
Into the deeps

I’m no longer
hoping for honesty. 

What do you deem adequate?
Will I be enough to hold on to?

Bury me in the basement 
beneath the things that we had left 
to destroy themselves
over all the time that we were gone.

gone, gone.
Track Name: Shared Skeleton
The light falls on her
So elegantly,
Her last words to me,
We're like a banshee's call 

Molten emotions
Seem to seep from my core

I wanted this love to destroy my life.

Let's move away
From all the noise,
Try to mend the bones
Of our shared skeleton. 

We can't outrun 
This realization

I wanted this love to destroy my life.

You try to spit on my face,
I imagine you spitting on my grave.
You say I'm just a piece of garbage,
So I thought about throwing myself away.

Don't look down my horizon 
Track Name: Save Me From The Truth
I hate perfect men
now that
I feel like an obsolete human.
Getting nauseous on a bus 
a dead animal 
reminded me of my mortality. 

Sun burnt skin
In disguise 
from the darkness
I keep inside.

Even my shadow is ugly 
to me.
Decisions that haunt my dreams
and seep
into my empty thoughts 
at day
save me from the truth 
that I want to hide away.

Hunting for 
crucial lies
to form a doorway
I can wait behind.
Track Name: Earth
We played in the light 
turned red from our blood.

I had three dreams 
that night you left. 

I'll drag you down to hell 
after I'm done 
praying in your temple.
I'll search the caves in your photographs 
for all of the gems that you've 
hidden to save yourself.

White smoke cuts the earth
and dusk sets in.

The cellar is cold
so our hands can touch

Heat drips from out of your mouth
to fight against 
the chemicals of logic.
Mountains distract me from all of the screaming as time seems to 
stand still and 
stay quiet. 

I was trapped in a dream 
of blind and pointless anger.
I was caught up in my head
to escape the present.

Are these creatures alive?
hiding in my conscious.
Take me back to the time 
when I was never wrong.
Track Name: Illusion
Everything is a wandering face,
vaguely familiar but fading
by your daily facade.

The last illusion of me.

Please hold on to my waning youth,
I seem to lose it all the time.
everyone will yell goodbye

The last illusion you'll see. 
Track Name: Doused
I was terrified 
of the dark and empty waters.
They climb the shore,
my sandcastle falls

I spent my youth 
hiding from you
and drowning in a dream,
my eyes covered by a shroud.

My heart is a doused sun
clinging on to life
but in time it will die 
just as long as 
I remain
tethered to the fears
I have buried inside.

Anchored in place
at the bottom of the ocean.
A gasp, a deadened cry,
and the vanishing light. 

I feel the monster 
Hanging over me
And I stand in his shadow 
As I write this song. 

My heart is a doused sun
clinging on to life
but in time it will die 
just as long as 
I remain
tethered to the fears
I have buried inside.
Sinking through life
Realizing now
The only thing
I know is that
I am drawn to 
bygone things
maybe just to find 
someone I can
be myself with.